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Reciprocal peer coaching for effective coaching practice

Reciprocal peer coaching is typically required by coaches who want to collect ICF practice hours or by those who simply want to practise, even if they do not need to follow the ICF route. Thanks to the Internet, the process of finding other coaches to practise with is very simple nowadays, as there are a few online groups, websites, schools, and organisations that provide this opportunity.

A word of caution: Those seeking ICF coaching practice hours should be aware that reciprocal coaching (the process of coaching and being coached) counts as a paid client. This is extremely helpful to know if you need to fast-forward your accreditation process.

Another thing to note is that the list below includes both free and paid services. “Why would I want to pay when I can get it for free?” you may ask. Some people prefer the more streamlined and automated processes that some paid services provide. Alternatively, they may prefer a specific coaching provider that they already know.

Having said that, the list consists of organised services that provide exclusive coaching practice services. That is, I am listing providers who have an official or exclusive peer coaching practice program. Forums or groups where you can post your own ad or profile as a side job are not listed here, but will be covered in a future post.

Note: If you offer or know of a service that is not listed below, please contact me, so that I can consider adding it to this list.

ICF Reciprocal Peer Coaching

Subscription: Paid service

Link: https://peercoaching.coachingfederation.org/registration

This is the most obvious option for people who want to practise in one of the most secure and formal settings. In fact, the ICF Reciprocal Peer Coaching site offers many options, different time zones, and even the opportunity to pair you with colleagues with similar coaching experience in some cases.

Coach Arya

Subscription: Free service

Link: https://coacharya.com/peer-coaching/

Coacharya is one of the most well-known and respected coaching schools in the world. In addition to their ICF-accredited certificate, they provide free reciprocal coaching services to anyone (you don’t even have to be a student at their school).

The Zoom calls run on four different days of the week and cover different time zones, so people can join from anywhere. Partners are assigned at random (the FAQ states that you can request a specific partner if you know them), and the event lasts two hours, during which you take turns coaching each other.

It’s also convenient because you can choose the session that works best for you, and once you join the Zoom call, you are automatically placed in breakout rooms to start practising.

Ignite Credential Accelerator

Subscription: Free service

Link: https://igniteglobal360.com/ignite-credential-accelerator-program/

Ignite Global is another well-known coaching school that provides members and non-members with reciprocal coaching practice (Fernando Hettiyadura, the founder, is highly regarded by his students). You submit your application through the link above, and once approved, you are added to a database of coaches who offer reciprocal coaching to other coaches. There is a spreadsheet where you can list your areas of expertise and even select coaches from those areas. There is also an active WhatsApp group where you can contact members directly.

The INLP Center Reciprocal Coaching Hours

Subscription: Paid service

Link: Earn ICF Reciprocal Coaching Hours : Start 1-1 Peer Coaching Now

The INLP Center is one of the world’s most highly regarded Life Coaching and NLP accreditation centres. They offer annual and lifetime subscriptions that allow you to participate in as many coaching rounds as you want. “This means you can earn unlimited reciprocal coaching hours to meet all ICF credential levels for as long as you need,” according to their website. One advantage is that if you don’t like your matches, the INLP team can rematch you, and there is a whole FAQ section explaining the process on the link above.


Subscription: Free service

Link: https://www.gomastercoach.com/peercoaching

Another well-known coaching school, not only for the accredited certification it offers but also for its generous resource centre! What I like best is the transparency and simplicity: by visiting the link above, you can see a list of participants, along with their profile photos, preferred coaching times, and areas of expertise!

Coach’s Couch

Subscription: Free

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/coachscouch

Coach’s Couch is a Facebook group popular among coaches who want to earn ICF training hours. However, it is not limited to ICF coaches only: The good news is that you can specify whether you are doing this for ICF purposes or not so that you can be matched with an appropriate coach. The procedure is straightforward: every other week, a “coaching chain” is announced on Facebook, and you simply respond with your time zone and whether you are interested in ICF positions or not. A few days later, the chain closes, and you are paired with someone to coach, as well as a third person to coach you.

To sum up

The above list will be expanded if I discover new services. Also feel free to contact me if you know any. In the meantime, you can take a look at my essential apps for coaches list.

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