How I can help you as an online life coach

As a certified online Life Coach and Business Coach, I assist a wide range of people.

I don’t believe that coaching should be used to categorize people, which is why I am willing to coach anyone in need.

However, if you belong to one of the following groups, you’ll be happy to know that I have additional expertise in the following areas, as I have been a life coach for classical musicians, the middle-aged (midlife coach), book writing coach, life purpose coach, confidence coach, coach for other life coaches, but practically I’ve been coaching people from all walks of life as a transformational coach.


I made my biggest transition in my 40s!

ANYONE looking for clarity & guidance in life!

Those escaping the 9-to-5 to work solo

That's exactly what I did 5 years ago and now I'm a solopreneur

Housewives & househusbands

People who want to write a book

I'm a best-selling author and have worked in publishing

Classical musicians & people in the arts

Google my Arts magazine: The High Arts Review

Personal Trainers, Fitness Coaches

I'm a NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Fellow life coaches launching their business

Having attended countless business coaching masterclasses & been through the process, I am the right person to offer assistance

Be on top:

Juggle demands at home

Be the proud cat person:

Follow your inner feelings and be true to yourself

Take control of social situations:

Keep a healthy balance between yourself and your environment

Take initiative:

Put your dreams into action now

Be the healthy pro:

Find the ideal work-life balance

Be proud!

About me

Constantine, online life coach & business coach

Some of us are after happiness. Some of us are after money. Or simply success.

But most of us are caught in a vicious cycle that we are unaware of. What we fail to recognize is that our constant need for the above may not be what we truly desire.

Perhaps we are not designed to be 100% happy every single day. Or perhaps it is the never-ending pursuit of something else that causes us anxiety and frustration.

After all, what is happiness? What if I asked you instead, “What does fulfillment mean to you?”

My name is Constantine, and I’ll admit that, like you, I’m not always happy. Yes, I am a certified life and business coach, but that makes no difference. If I take my coaching hat off (which I don’t have because I’m trying to be minimalist and trendy 😉), I am human.

Let us take a more objective look at this. As humans, we are born with extraordinary potential. However, for various reasons, many of us end up stuck, confused, or waiting for a significant breakthrough in our lives.

I’m not going to promise that you will be content with your life overnight (that would be naive), but I will do my best to help you find balance, purpose, and set goals in your life.

I coach because I want to help people feel fulfilled and, most importantly, be as free as possible from limiting beliefs, unhealthy habits, thinking patterns, and the influence of others.

Consider coaching with me like this: you already have everything you need within you; all you need is someone to light the torch so you can see the path. And I’d like you to put your trust in me to carry this torch for you. As an online life coach I promise complete discretion and I will do my best to assist you.


online life coach

...The perfect Coach for anyone who needs a mentor, a guide or advocate to help them overcome obstacles keeping them stuck or keeping them from progressing. He is understanding, knowledgeable with plenty of life experience from which to draw upon, dedicated to helping his client achieve their goals, capable and competent in the skills he has worked to learn, is able to discern his clients moods and feelings, and he is so kind, warm, and compassionate!..

- Wendy B.

Online life coach services

Life Coaching

* Gain clarity
* Overcome your limiting beliefs
* Finally unleash your potential to achieve your goals.

We all have moments when we’re unclear about our aims and goals. Often in life, we are held back by limiting beliefs and false opinions we have about ourselves. You might have a specific issue in mind or maybe you just want to explore your identity, change the way you think or pursue a lifelong passion.

As a certified Master Life Coach, Positive Psychology, and Solution-Focused coach, I can help you

Life Purpose Coaching

* Gain a deeper understanding of your beliefs
* Know what you are truly interested in
* Identify your strengths and skills
* Discover what drives your life
* Align your personality traits with your life and environment.

Many of us mistake our passions for our goals in life or confuse our needs with our desires. In life-purpose coaching, we will explore your past and present in order to reveal a clear picture of your life.

Book Writing Coaching

Want to write your own book but don’t know where to begin? Have you already started writing but are feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Do you know how to start building your audience network beforehand? Did you know you can experience life coaching while also receiving book coaching advice? As a best-selling writer, I can help you!

Midlife Coaching

When we reach our midlife, our needs are amplified, and our priorities shift. People focus on the struggles, but in reality, this is an opportunity for change. Being in my 40s myself, and having gone through different career transitions in the last two years, I consider myself the right person to facilitate this change.

Start you online business

If the pandemic has taught us anything about financial sustainability, it's that online businesses are the future. If you've been putting off starting your online business, starting your online magazine, blog, or simply moving away from the 9-to-5 workday (I’ve been there), I have the business coaching skills & technical knowledge to help you.

For Coaches: Design a successful coaching business

I will not promise you 6-figure sales, but I will teach you what I genuinely know about starting out a successful online life coach or personal development business: from defining your niche, to different types of marketing to landing your clients while remaining authentic to your core values. Forget sales pitches & embrace authenticity. Coaching is a humanitarian service not a sales pitch.

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Past clients I've assisted as an online life coach


or people who were too overwhelmed to leave their 9-to-5 jobs and start their own businesses

Everyday people

looking to find their purpose, identity & re-invent themselves


who were struggling with pressure and uncertainty

Fitness enthusiasts & CPTs

trying to find clients and be successful

Testimonials from my clients

"I would like to recommend I went to Constantine with a personal attribute issue that was very important to me. The only time I had dared share it, another coach laughed it off as no big deal which caused me internal pain. This was a big deal to me! Since then, I hadn’t felt comfortable sharing it with any other person, especially in a coaching situation.
... Thanks to him and that session, I feel the issue is a non-issue now, or at least fast becoming a non-issue with the skills I’ve learned in dealing with it.
Constantine is the perfect Coach for anyone who needs a mentor, a guide or advocate to help them overcome obstacles keeping them stuck or keeping them from progressing. He is understanding, knowledgeable with plenty of life experience from which to draw upon, dedicated to helping his client achieve their goals, capable and competent in the skills he has worked to learn, is able to discern his clients moods and feelings, and he is so kind, warm, and compassionate! Thank you, Constantine!"
Wendy B.
Identity & Empowerment Coach​
"Constantine did a great job coaching me using the NLP methodology. He was kind, genuine, passionate, and driven. He helped me make a decision that I had a hard time making. He caused me to weigh possible solutions and decide on a path that best fit my goals. I would highly recommend his coaching services."
Marcella S.

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