Your book already exists within you.
It's about time you saw it listed on Amazon!

Why choose me as a book writing coach?

True, there are tons of YouTube videos, webinars, and courses that teach you how to write and publish your book. The difference with me is that, as a certified life coach, I am using coaching techniques to provide in-depth understanding of your personality and needs in order to guide you with the best approach that works best for you.

In other words, my approach is no-nonsense, easy, fast & direct!
I will show all the steps without skimming the stuff that matters, without boring, technical jargon, BUT
using fun, innovative, collaborative coaching techniques!

What will you learn?

Below, you can find some of the topics we will cover together. Of course, the following is for guidelines only – it goes without saying that I will not waste your time with things you already know or are not interested in finding out about.

  • Why write a book
  • Potential obstacles
  • Why self-publish?
  • How much will it cost to publish?
  • Choosing your topic and target audience
  • How long should your book be?
  • Which apps will you need?
  • Finding the ideal title
  • Overcoming writer’s block
  • Different writing processes
  • Social media and pre-launch marketing
  • Designing your cover
  • Book blurb, description
  • Finding beta readers
  • Best seller secrets
  • and much more…

What exra value are you getting?

As a Certified Life Coach, I will also be able to coach you on issues related to personal development IN ADDITION to providing my book coaching services. And you will only pay for the book coaching part.

What you GET = BOOK COACHING + OPTIONAL LIFE COACHING (with your permission)


(You can read more about this hybrid method below)

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A book writing coach like me can save you lots of money and valuable time, possibly more than you can imagine.

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My story as a writer

online life coach

To read more about me you can visit my About page here. Or read the testimonials at the end of the page. But to sum everything up:

A year ago, I self-published my book, a guide on Scrivener 3 (one of the most popular book writing apps famous authors use) which became a bestseller. It only took me a few months to write. I did everything on my own, even designed my own book cover (not to mention having published fiction and poetry in literary magazines).

  • One could say it’s because I majored in English at university and took courses like Stylistics, Poetry & Drama. So one could argue that I know how to write… but that wasn’t the reason.
  • Maybe it’s because I’ve worked as a certified English language tutor, so I was used to editing and correcting essays. But this wasn’t the case either.
  • Could it be that I worked in publishing in the past? Or is it because I am an IT and productivity nerd who can use all the latest apps to my advantage?
  • And did I mention I have been doing academic research, taught at university level, and I’m now completing my PhD?

I know what you’re thinking. Why on earth am I bragging about all this? The truth is, I’m not. I just want to make it perfectly clear to you that none of the above factors alone led me to write a best-seller. So what was it then???

For over three years non-stop, I researched all the tips and little secrets about creative writing and self-publishing, from short articles to expert books to taking courses on the topic. Why? To begin with, with a friend we set up our own self-publishing business a few years ago. Around the same time, I wanted to publish my own books to share my knowledge with others. Which is exactly what I’m doing now.


As an art and literary critic (you can visit my website, The High Arts Review), I am convinced that each and every one of us has a story to tell, whether it is fiction or non-fiction. And this story can change someone’s life WITHOUT you even knowing it!

So writing a book isn’t just about you fulfilling a lifelong dream or getting more credentials as a person, but also about contributing to the well being of someone you might not even know!

However, I’ve preached enough about the benefits of writing a book. If you’ve already signed up to receive my free ebook, you will read all about it in more detail. For the time being, you may want to grab that cup of coffee and schedule a free consultation call.

This is not your average book consultation service. As a Certified Life Coach in many modalities, I will be using a very interactive method to find out what works best for you, based on your personality. This means your participation will be required as you will actively be involved in making decisions regarding your book project.

As a Certified Life Coach, I will also provide you with the option to discuss personal development matters where you may feel stuck and need some clarity. Bear in mind that if you want to stick to 100% book coaching this is possible. The additional FREE life coaching will be there in case you want to use it. Should personality roadblocks arise (or other personal issues), I’ll ask your permission whether to discuss them or whether to continue with our book coaching.

And WHAT’S MORE? At the end of our book coaching partnership, you will get two COMPLIMENTARY, pure life coaching sessions from me.


"I would like to recommend Constantine Samartzis as a Coach for anyone who is struggling with any issue which may be holding them back in life or affecting their productivity.
I went to Constantine with a personal attribute issue that was very important to me. The only time I had dared share it, another coach laughed it off as no big deal which caused me internal pain. This was a big deal to me! Since then, I hadn’t felt comfortable sharing it with any other person, especially in a coaching situation.
... Thanks to him and that session, I feel the issue is a non-issue now, or at least fast becoming a non-issue with the skills I’ve learned in dealing with it.
Constantine is the perfect Coach for anyone who needs a mentor, a guide or advocate to help them overcome obstacles keeping them stuck or keeping them from progressing. He is understanding, knowledgeable with plenty of life experience from which to draw upon, dedicated to helping his client achieve their goals, capable and competent in the skills he has worked to learn, is able to discern his clients moods and feelings, and he is so kind, warm, and compassionate! Thank you, Constantine!"
Wendy B.
Identity & Empowerment Coach​
"Constantine did a great job coaching me using the NLP methodology. He was kind, genuine, passionate, and driven. He helped me make a decision that I had a hard time making. He caused me to weigh possible solutions and decide on a path that best fit my goals. I would highly recommend his coaching services."
Marcella S.

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